Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Planting Time"!

I might have mentioned that our youngest son and his family are living with us temporarily (they have moved from Florida). My son works at night and his wife during the day. While my son sleeps, my husband has been "babysitting" their two children (7 and 8) along with our oldest grandson (he is 9). My husband was "whining" about babysitting----"all I have done all day is fix snacks and referee disagreements". Well, guess what I did when our FIVE kids were little (and still do on occasion)? In addition, I also worked a full-time job, went to nursing school full-time, cleaned the house, washed and ironed clothes, helped the kids with homework, fixed meals, plus a dozen other things too numerous to mention. Anyway----today I didn't have to work (I still work full time, clean the house, fix meals, referee fights, etc.), so I "babysat" the kids. We went to Home Depot to get some flowers. They were really cheap ($2), mainly because they looked half-dead. We picked out the best looking ones, came home and gave them some water (they perked right up) and then my granddaughter and I put them in pots (the boys will help me to plant the roses and put the other plants in the ground out front). Anyway, my granddaughter evaluated the deck as "better than perfect"---she is the 7 year old. How wonderful is that!!!! -----and thus far I haven't had to referee one fight----must have something to do with who is "babysitting"---

Have a great remainder of the day!



  1. Love your plantings!! That is a nice spot of color on your deck. And you are probably right about "who is babysitting" having a lot to do with the amount of refereeing needed.


  2. Lovely flowers! I like to grow my flowers from seeds in planters and then plan them in the garden!

  3. Maybe he should give them each a plant to take care of. That might end his referee-ing. Sounds like you had fun. I love discount plants that just need a drink. Lane

  4. Love the potted plants! I have to find some that love total shade - my porch gets none at all.
    You probably hit the nail on the head - if you keep them busy, there is no referee-ing!


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