Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Week In Review!

I have actually been pretty busy this past week---besides work (of course)! In the quilting arena:
  • I finished quilting my 30's Snowball/Nine Patch (I need to think of a name). I got to the end and my border was a bit wavy. I sprayed it down with some water---patted it in place, and the waviness "quilted out" pretty good. I need to square it up and put on the binding.
  • I started sewing the binding down on the Amy Butler (I remember one of the fabric lines)/"Kaffe-like" quilt (need to name that one).
  • Decided to not change the white binding on the nine-patch. I was just too lazy to take it all off and start over---so I mitered my corners and I need to stitch that binding will be okay!
  • Cut out another quilt with my GO!. It is in a Kaffee-book and I am using some homespun and my hand-dyes. I will show you a picture soon.
  • Worked on my "Peaches/Berries" blocks. I again am wondering why it is taking me so long to complete this quilt and Judy made hers in like a day! I am NOT going to put a border on this one. It is made from my hand-dyes and it would be much too hard to match the fabs (I think) I think it will be fine without a border.
  • I am also "hand-quilting"---yes you read right a small art quilt I made. I am using the "big stitch" and although my husband can't really "see" it right now, I think it is looking pretty good. When I started quilting I noticed some areas that weren't quite lined up, but hey, it's a art quilt so it is okay to not be least I think so!

I also planted some flowers out front. It is blazing out there and although I started at about 7AM by the time I finished about 3 hours later, I wasn't really feeling very good :-( Because of that, I have been moving in slow motion all day. My DIL had weeded the beds a couple of weeks ago, but it looked like we hadn't touched it so I had to do a lot of weed pulling. I guess I am a "weeny"---can't handle manual labor!!!

Have a great remainder of the day---"See" you later!


  1. Don't over do it in the sun! It can come up and bite you before you know it -- ask me how I know! :-) Sounds like you are getting alot done as usual. It makes me look so lazy!! But then I've had a new grandbaby to hold for awhile and all other things get pushed to the side! LOL

  2. Wow! What a long list of accomplishments! I know the feeling about being out in the weather. We start our work around 7am, too. And, I'm always wiped out by lunch time. Lane


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