Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Have I Been Up To?????

I haven't posted in a week!!!!!! It hasn't been because I haven't been busy or checking in every day to read other's blogs---I have just been lazy! I am determined though to not let that become a habit---that is how you end up not being current with your blog and then before you know it you lose followers and then you stop blogging all together. I really like this process---so I am going to get it into gear.
Now for news---I have been dyeing of course. Last week my brights really weren't very bright. I think it was because I didn't use salt in the water and I put them out in the sun. Some dyers have good results without salt and the sun seems to set the fabrics. I ended up however with these light spots---like they had faded in the sun. As I thought about the process I used, it was probably because the entire fabric piece wasn't submersed in the solution and the part left sticking out was what was faded. I redyed those pieces and added salt and didn't put them out. They turned out much better. The picture above is of the ones I have ironed and the pieces left in my basket that still need ironing. I am going to dye more brights next week. The batch I redyed was in deeper jewel colors. BTW---the picture gives the impression that the basket is a regular size one, it really isn't, but a small one, almost minature. I haven't really been dyeing that much...:-)
I also have pictures of the quilts I have started and my goal is to finish these before I start another one.....the blue/neutral applecore; strip tube quilt; and the paintbox quilt. I figure if I post a picture and I can see first hand what I need to accomplish, I will stay on target. Of course I have found another quilt I want to make---but I can't keep starting all these quilts and never finish one. I think actually I am going to finish the "Peaches and Berry" first. I dyed more orange and plum for that one and actually I have quite a few blocks done, so maybe that finish will be my catalyst to complete the others.
I am also going to take that white binding off the quilt I showed a picture of. It looks "tacky" and because of that I haven't been able to force myself to even begin to sew the binding down. I will take it off tonight while watching TV and put on another one tomorrow, as well as finish binding the other quilt I finished. I only have about 3 more passes on the quilt I am quilting and then I will be finished with that and will not have any tops left that I need to quilt---so I am making some headway in that area.
It is going to be really hot today---a perfect dyeing day, but I worked yesterday and am pooped so I will stay in and finish some of my quilting chores. Have a great Sunday and we'll "talk" later!


  1. OK, so what is in the top picture? I haven't figured that one out.
    I like how your blue/shirtings apple core is turning out. I'll have to look thru my CW to see if I've got any blues to bring you. Are you only using CW fabrics for the blues?
    And of course I love the dyed fabrics! They are so awesome. Can't wait to see them.

  2. Those fabrics look so yummy in that basket! Great job on the dying.

  3. I like the fabric in the basket, too! Have fun with your projects!


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