Sunday, May 2, 2010


Remember that little rhyme that we use to sing as we jumped rope or looked out the window at rain. Well, here in Middle TN many of us are singing that song! The area is flooded!!! Places that had never experienced this type of flooding before. My neighborhood is on a hill (thank goodness), but we are sorta boxed in. Any low areas are flooded and it is really unsafe to go into them. My Grandson's school is flooded and one of the pre-fabs has literally floated away. Interstate 24 and 40 are now closed. I was at work last night and left about 20 minutes early because of rising water. I did make it home safe and sound, but many houses I passed had lakes for front yards. Many little lazy streams were raging rivers! My daughter was on an errand with my granddaughters for things for the oldest ones Prom (it was cancelled) and was caught in rising water on the Interstate. She was able to drive up the side and escape, but 2 people drowned.

It is really bad---no pictures---not going out to get them. Hopefully the fatality toll will remain small (now at 7) and people will be able to savage important items. At this point we have received 13 inches in this area--the rain is to continue through the night!

Send us much prayers and positive thoughts!!!

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