Friday, May 14, 2010

It is Dyeing Season Finally!!!!!!!

It is finally dyeing season in Middle TN!!! I also finally have some time!! Today I dyed three 12 step graduations. Bright, light, and dark (adding black to the initial colors). I used a slightly different technique. Where I usually don't really manipulate the fabric much, since I like the mottled effect, this time I went for a solid look. Some of the colors were so nice, I dyed several FQ's in the left over dye. The second FQ was always just a little lighter, a different tone I guess you would say. I enjoyed myself, but it really took all morning. This process is very time intensive---I can appreciate the price when you buy them from the store. Above is my "dyeing studiio" AKA a corner of my garage. I have a sink there, an outlet to play music and the door open brings in a nice breeze! What more could a girl want?!?
I have also been doing some quilting (of course). I have finished quilting one quilt--the one pictured below. I am so glad I went ahead and stippled! It really looks nice. I have put on the binding and low and behold, I find that the binding is white while the sashing is more of a off-white. I figure that is okay----I sorta like the look of spontaniety., what would the early quilter's do---use what they had--right!
I am now quilting the Amy Butler print quilt (there are others in it, but honestly, I don't remember the name of the other line). On that one I am using a Panto. It has lots of open spaces which is different for me since I really like dense quilting, but we shall see. The challenge is to find the right binding fabric. I think I will use a black/white polka dot. You can't go wrong with black/white and since it is so "wild" anyway, it should be okay I'll post a picture of course when I am done.
What is in the plans? I am washing 12 yards of 50% bamboo/50% cotton to dye some more fabric. The fabric is really very soft so I am not really sure how it will look dyed, but people dye silk which is just as soft so it should be okay. This time I am going to dye in 1 yard pieces. I find that when making my quilts I often want to use the same colors, but usually don't have another FQ in that color.
Well, just wanted to update you! Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. Wow! I am impressed with your dye area and all the effort you go through. I've been reading a book on Amish quilts that suggests all hand dyed fabrics. I'd love to give it a try and see what I can do. Take care and have fun! Lane


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