Friday, May 21, 2010


The top three pictures are of "Fantango"---I decided to not use the polka-dot but the white/black swirl. I think it looks much better and plays better with the other fabrics. I used a plain tea-dyed muslin for the back that really shows up the quilting design well. Although I initially was concerned since this panto had more open space than I ususally like, I think it turned out well and the circles are a nice contrast to the "sharp" edges of the layout. I think when I wash it because of the open areas, it will be very soft and make a perfect "nap" quilt.
The next two pictures is of the current quilt I am quilting. It is hard to get a good picture since the white really glares. It really has the look of an antique quilt (don't you think) with all the 30's and the white (a tone-on-tone). I saw this pattern in a smaller quilt and EQ6'd it to a larger one. I am using a more "involved" panto called "Wandering Daisy's". I think it fills in the large open spaces pretty well. I am proud of myself (at this point). I am lining it up well, and my tension is great! I have been able to keep get a great combination of speed and movement so my stitches are even (I don't have a stitch regulator on my machine). It is a king-size quilt, so I have a "little" bit more to go....then I have to try to find the fabric I had for the binding (I completed this quilt last year). If I don't find it, I think I have something else I could use---or it is to the "quilt shop I go"......
Since I am easily distracted, I have also investigated starting another quilt. I purchased a book at Puducah about making blocks from a "tube". It calls for a special ruler (which I didn't get since it was $16) so I am trying to improvise. I found a ruler I can use among my "collection", although my blocks are 8.75 rather than 8.50, even though I am suppose to be cutting out a 8 inch finished block. I am not going to "sweat the small stuff"---I will just have a bigger quilt. As long as the blocks are consistent in size, I should be okay. I am using a couple of jelly rolls with a few other 2.5 inch strips thrown in (I need 87 strips) so it will be another scrappy AND will use up my stash. Of course I still have a couple of other quilts in several states of completion that I really should be working on to finish rather than start yet another one. I really envy those quilters who completely finish one project before beginning another. In the other parts of my life, I seem able to stay focused and complete a task but when it comes to my quilting----I am often "all over the place"---wonder what that is all about? It is just I have so many quilts I want to make and techniques I want to try! Plus there is my knitting, and the small art quilt I am hand quilting---gosh, if I allowed myself to think about it I could really get overwhelmed!!!!
Well, I am not going to worry about it---I will try to keep the PIPS to a low number (notice I didn't name a number) and forge on! Have a great week-end!



  1. Yum! I love that quilt with the 9 patches. So peaceful. And, I'm glad I'm not the only one that changes the sizes on patterns, except I'm usually decreasing instead of increasing. And, hey, a new project is good for the soul. Lane

  2. Wonderful quilt, Patricia! I was just using the Wandering Daisies pattern today, too. It is a good one. You are really getting a lot accomplished!!

  3. Love both of these - of course! Especially the 30's quilt. Since I'm finding more & more of them as I'm organizing my 'studio' I may have to use some. Also love the quilting on both -- can't wait to get started on mine!

  4. You do great work and I love the fabrics YUM!!!


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