Monday, May 3, 2010

Design Wall Monday!

I have completed my "Barn Rise" setting quilt. I really like it!!! It was tedious though because the orientation of the blocks is so important. The other picture is what is on my wall currently. It is going to be a blue/neutral Apple Core Quilt. I am using CW reproductions and again I am liking how it looks. Because I used my GO! to cut it out, the pieces are all uniform and have little orientation notches to help with putting the pieces together. It is going to be a little slow going I think (even though I have all the pieces cut out), so I will probably work on one of my UFO's as well. Go over to Judy's blog to check out the other "walls".
On another note---now that it is daylight, you can really see the flooding devastation. The Cumberland River is over it's backs downtown and so the tourist district of Nashville is threatened. The Opreyland Hotel where the AQS Quilt Show was held is flooded as well as the shopping center! When you look at the pictures it is hard to imagine. We though are safe and dry and the day is going to be beautiful! School is closed for the kids (as well as for me), so I may clean a little and then prepare some fabs for dyeing.
Have a great day!!!!

PSS--Doesn't the apple cores look like female figures :-)


  1. love the apple core quilt-and your fabrics it will be great.

  2. glad to hear you are okay. those floods are terrible. stay safe. I love your apple core are doing it by hand or machine?

  3. Stay safe. Love the apple cores!
    glen in Louisiana

  4. Love your quilts. Love the use of the colors. The floods were devastating and there is more to come in other areas. Stay safe.

    Have a great day.


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