Monday, May 17, 2010

Design Wall Monday!

My wall is a sorta non-traditional one I guess.....I am using my dyed fabs today as my wall----The camera washed the brights out a bit, but as with everything there were lessons learned. This time I didn't use salt and soaked the fabrics in soda ash water rather than add it to the dye solution. I didn't soak the fabric in a dye solution, but rather put the fabric into small amounts, squeezed it through the fabric, and then let it "cure" in plastic bags--(you dissolve 2 T. of dye into 4 cups of water and pour specific small amounts into a large dish pan and put your fabric pieces in that---directions from a new book). I really didn't like this method as much. Although the fabric colors look really bright initially, once you wash them, they seem to fade out, although the darks seemed to look better. I also didn't like how this bolt of 200 ct fabric took the dye. I made the mistake of not writing down the type of fabric I had washed and cut up, but the weave looked almost like a synthetic---but I know it was cotton. I don't know where I got this fabric---I don't remember ever buying it--I am sure it didn't look that way when I purchased it last year and prepared it. At any rate, that may have been why the dye didn't take as well. I am going to dye more this week and use the bamboo/cotton as see how that works. I am also going to order more cotton and get some Kona cotton from Joanne's--it always seems to take dye well.
So---my "Design Wall" this Monday are my newly dyed fabric that is truly a "design" wall. Check out Judy's blog to see some great "walls".
Have a great Monday!


  1. They may not have turned out as well as you wanted but they are still fantastic colors! Can't wait to get up there and try this out...may have to turn my screened in porch into a "dyeing room"! LOL

  2. The colors look great on the screen. I especially like the darker colors. Can I ask what the name of the book that you mentioned in your post. I am thinking of trying to dye my own fabric and would like to know the names and reviews of different books before I buy them.
    Cheryl M.

  3. the colors are beautiful. disappointing you didn't like that method, cuz it sounds fun.


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