Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life Gets In The Way!

Just a quick note----I know I have been "missing in action" for the last couple of weeks. Things have been VERY busy around here and although I have been quilting (of course) I just haven't had time to blog about it. Work is consuming me right now---I have LOTS of deadlines, but hopefully, after next week I can take a bit of a breather.

I have had to prioritize what I want and can do, in relationship to my quilting goals. I am not going to complete the CW blocks "Of the Week". The blocks are too small and too much trouble/time for me to enlarge to 12 inches, so I am putting this to the I don't have enough CW fabrics anyway. I am going to try instead to do the GO! Mystery Quilt. This is an opportunity for me to use fabs from my stash. Unfortunately (for me) I didn't have all of the dies that are being used, so I HAD to purchase several (tongue in cheek). Several places were having sales so I have the Chisel, Circle, Critters, and Blazing Star on their way! .....I will need to work a couple of extra shifts to repay the budget---oh well, such is life! Except for a couple of strip dies that I would like, I now have the majority of the dies that I will use. Diane purchased herself a Valentine Gift of the GO! so it will be fun to have someone to really talk to about the cutting system. This also gives us yet another thing in shopping common so it will be fun!

My UFO Challenge for Feb. is coming along very slowly. I knew it would though---you can't whip through a apple core like I did the January quilt. I will just have to be behind those who finish, but I still am anticipating that by year's end I will have completed my list of UFO's---I may have though added 12 to replace them, but compared to some, I don't have that many UFO's anyway.

I am also going to enter a couple of quilts in a show. I have them completed, but will need to sew the hanging strips you see, I am a pretty busy girl!!!!!!!!

Well, gotta go---I have work to do to prepare for an important meeting on Tuesday. Take care and don't give up on me. Although I am not getting any comments, I can see I am being visited! Keep coming, it does a heart good to see that so many are interested in my little blog! Have a wonderful Sunday and coming week!



  1. First and foremost, I am proud that you're entering quilts in shows. And, I understand shifting priorities. Hang in there. It's only a UFO if you stop thinking about it. Lane

  2. Yeah on the dies for the GO! I like mine so far but haven't really planned anything for it yet. Except to cut up alot of these scraps! LOL
    Keep on with the UFO. Just think, if you didn't have the GO! you'd still be cutting fabric!!

  3. Hi, Patricia. It's spring and I've just realized that I don't have an email address for you. Can you email me? Thanks, Lane


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