Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!!!

I hope your holiday is being spent with good food, good friends/family, and LOTS of good laughs. My very sweet nephew and his wife (and their daughter) are visiting from Oklahoma as well as our middle son. I have enjoyed them so very much, even though I have been doing LOTS of cooking :c), which by the way, I don't like to do----but for them, I will do it and actually smile!

We joined the throngs of people and went shopping at Thanksgiving. It was a marathon to be sure!!!! It was 8 of us, all mothers and daughters (my daughter and I, her daughter -- she is now 18 and so has "earned" a spot, my niece and her daughter, and a friend and her daughter). We left at 8pm on Thanksgiving night, and returned the next day at 3pm!!!!! I gotta tell you, I think I might have bit off more than I could reasonably chew. I was so tired, that I went straight to bed and except for getting up once to referee a disagreement between grandchildren, I slept soundly. Now you ask, did we get deals----YES we got deals!!!! The people weren't too bad, but I must admit, I do NOT intend to go to Wally World next year! The salespeople were disorganized and were enforcing the rules with some customers and with others weren't (we were in the group where the rules were enforced)!!! At any rate, I did enjoy my time with the "girls" and will add this to my list of accomplishments---actually staying up for 34 hours!!!!!

I (of course) went to Joanne's and purchased (about 40 yards) flannel for quilt backings. The fabric was $1.49/yard, so I got a good deal. I was little too tired to look over the store, but plan to go on Sunday and see what else is available.

At any rate-----just wanted to check in!

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  1. Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading back. I agree with you on jelly roll quilts. I haven't made one, but it's on my list. I love yours, the colors are beautiful and I think a bali pop might be the way to go for mine, since I don't have any JR's. I read Mary's blog too (her husband must have an excellent job!) and while I think there are individuals in every "social group" that will agree with whatever the perceived leader says, some of the agreement comes from people with similar tastes belonging to the same group. For me personally, as long as no one is viscious, I believe a little dissention in the ranks is energizing, and preferable to homogenous opinions. That being said, if you're looking at my quilt and you think it's "ugly", I prefer you follow the golden rule and either don't comment or tell me it's interesting! You can make it clear it's not to your taste, without being mean. After all, as you said, as with any art, it's all subjective.
    By the way, I think I have a lot of rulers (sometimes I find rulers I forgot I have) but you have me beat by a mile!


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