Friday, November 18, 2011

How Many Rulers Do You Have?!?!?!?

I was looking for a ruler to use to make another quilt, and as I was searching, I noticed I have a LOT of rulers. Now understand I am a "gadget girl"! I have not only a Accuquilt GO! but a Sizzix Big Shot Pro as well....and probably 20 or more cutting dies to use with them---LOVE, LOVE, them. I think I am this way because I am "cutting challenged"----I always have a problem getting things cut straight, plus I am a planner---you never know when you might need something. I am also planning for my retirement, since I will not have the money to purchase such tools, so I am doing so now---yeh right!

Unfortunately, I am also a "Liberated Quilter", so even though I have lots of rulers, my cutting is still often crooked. If it is a quilt for me, I don't care, it always works out---maybe that is why I love scrap quilts. I feel this way now, but just in case I change my mind and become really, really concerned about making a perfect quilt, I will have the equipment to "do it right".

As I said, I was looking for this one particular ruler (BTW, I didn't find one, so there is a trip to Joanne's in my future this week-end), but I found all kinds of other rulers. There is the Twister (big and little); several kaleidoscope rulers; a LOT of square's including a 2.5 inch square; lots of long rulers; and speciality rulers--including a kite ruler. Above are pictures of storage areas---three, each containing about 10 rulers each, plus there is this little tote bag with more (I just noticed a picture of a roll of cotton pads---not sure why it is in one of the bins). I have several Marti Michell sets, and of course there are the templates. Now am I going to "get rid" of any? Of course not, I might need them one day (the ruler with the blue tape on it is the very first ruler I purchased----before I even knew how to quilt--over 20 years ago. I can't throw it out even though it is broken and you can't even see some of the numbers anymore---and I have a new one). Plus, just looking at them, gets my "creative juices" going just thinking about the quilts I will make with each one----one of these days soon!

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  1. Hey, looks like we have the same collection of rulers. Mine threaten to take over the sewing room. But, I keep them all. I will make that 8 pointed star one day! Lane


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