Saturday, August 24, 2013

Busy Saturday!!!

I had planned to dye today, but got "way-laid" and quilted most of the day.  I completed quilting, binding and washing the quilt for my daughter's SO's daughter.  I love crinkly quilts for a lot of reasons, but especially because they hide flaws wonderfully!!!  Once washed, the areas where I had small tucks didn't show at all.  I used my latest CL giant templates of two size circles.  I had some "oops", but again, once washed you couldn't see them.  I found a piece of remnant in my stash that works well for the binding, used some flannel I already  had for the back, and one quilt completely finished without buying anything other than a twin batting (on sale).  Pretty good!

I am also quilting "Chopsticks".  I am using a overall panto called "Bubbles".  It is a nice change up from the CL giant boards I have been using.  I am also using a Glide pre-filled Fil-Tec bobbin.  I love these bobbins as I have mentioned before, they are pricey (about $1 a bobbin), but I have no tension problems.  This is my first time using the bobbins with the poly thin thread in them, but I used my Towa and set the tension at the same I use for the cotton, and no problem!

On the first photo you can see the magnets I am using to hold the top more taut, since I "float" my tops.  I find that by loading my quilts this way, I am least likely to stretch the top and end up with a lot of fullness I have to work in on the last couple of rows.    The magnets really work, but of course only if you have steel rollers.  They are very strong!  Don't ever make the mistake of locking them together, it takes forever to get them apart (ask me how I know)!.  The backing is fabric I bought on a Christmas Fabric close-out about two or three years ago for something like 75% off the regular price.  They are poinsettia's, but I think it goes well with the quilt.  I love pretty backs, and even if it is a bit "holiday looking", I think it is a nice complement to the florals on the quilt top.  It has a nice soft hand almost like a thick lawn that is being used a lot on quilt backs.  I bought all that was on a bolt, and still have a little left that I will cut up and put in my scrap bin.  I was also very careful to load this quilt on straight, so hopefully I will not have some of the same problems I had with the previous quilt.

I do plan to dye tomorrow afternoon though!  I am not going in to school on Monday so I will get up and wash them and iron later.

I am going to "surf" the net a little and fold clothes.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Please tell us more about those magnets. Have not seen them before.

    1. Hi Barbara---

      These magnets are found at Harbor Freight. They are used to hold tools, but are great for keeping the floating top tight. As I said, they only work if you have metal rollers, but have really helped my quilting. They are about $8 each although they have been on sale and about $5. You can also order them on-line. Hope this helps!


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