Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dye Job!

After church I followed through on my plan to dye some fabric.  I am trying to use up all my older dyes, so I used blue, yellow, red  and khaki to make greens, blues and dusty oranges.

In total I dyed 15 yards.  I looked at some of my earlier dye attempts in my "dye book" and decided I would try some of the old ways since I seemed to get more intense colors.  The difference was adding soda ash to the dye solution as well as soaking my fabric in soda ash.   The colors sure looked intense, we will see how it does when I wash them.  Next I will use some of the pre-mixed dye powders---a orange, green, and a color called "black cherry".

I am going to quilt on "Chop Sticks" and wash some clothes.  I nice stress-free Sunday afternoon!


  1. You are just too busy girlfriend!! I needto take a name just reading what all you've done lately! LOL Good to see you posting some again, I miss reading about what all you are up to.
    Miss you, hugs to all. Sis

  2. I hope we get to see your dye jobs! I'm new to it so want to see other folks' results.

  3. okay, I just put up my dyes because I so needed to get back to sewing, but now I'm curious about the double doses of soda ash you're doing. Have you washed out the fabric yet?

  4. I am working backwards, so I was interested to read about the indigo dyeing. I plant to start dyeing again when my new utility room is ready.


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