Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nothing Exciting Going On Here!

My last blog entry mentioned my "well rested" state!  That lasted for all of one day---maybe two and I am back to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed!  Some of this I can attribute to the "time of the year".  It is the end of the semester and I am working hard creating final exams, reading term papers, planning for next semester and listening to students complain about their grades, as if I created them and they didn't in fact, EARN them! 

I did get time to also quilt a top I have had of Diane's for over a year.  She doesn't put any pressure on me, but I still want to get them to her.  Of course, as soon as I took it OFF the machine I saw some tension "issues" on the back, but hopefully when washed, it will "tighten up"---this has been my experience in the past so I am anticipating this will happen again.

I also finished putting on and stitching down (by machine) the binding on three charity quilts.  In moving things around, I found two more I had prepared with backing for quilting, so I will do those in the coming week.  That will make 8 quilts for the guild.  The quilts are so simple and quick to make and it is sorta nice to think a little one will use it and because they will know it was from a stranger, will perhaps, "move it forward"----do something kind for another stranger.   Okay, so maybe not, but I like to think so anyway.  I found some minky remnants at Joann's so the next one's I make will have that backing.  That will bring my total to 10 --- all made from fabric I already had including batting remnants.  Doing good and moving fabric is a good combination.

The weather is absolutely beautiful!  If I can stay focused and get everything done, I am going to dye more.  I saw another quilt that would be perfect for my dyes, but I don't have enough of a variety.  I also have to use up some dye whose shelf-life is coming to an end!

Wanted to check in!  Hopefully I will have something interesting to say soon!


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