Monday, August 9, 2010

Back Home!

We got back home last night, and are we all really weary! Poor Coal even isn't himself---- It was so very hot in Oklahoma--my goodness! It was as if we were in an oven. The services for my MIL were beautiful. She had 40 grandchildren and only 2 weren't there, one being our oldest son. Even one grandson came all the way from Iraq. I don't know how many great-grands she had.

A Granddaughter read the scriptures, another sang and a Great-granddaughter read a poem she wrote. It was so sweet! All together there were about 200 family members! It was clear from the attendance and the comments that people made, that she made a impact on a lot of people in her 96 years (I thought she was only 95) on this earth.

There was a lot of reconnecting and the younger cousins have decided to have a yearly reunion, so the next time we meet, it will be for a fun occasion and not such a sad one! They have a planning committee and everything. I just hope it isn't in August---Oklahoma is NOT the place to be during that month.

I am home for the next week and then school starts again. I plan to do some sewing, and of course more dyeing. It is just so very hot---I think I will get up really early and start.

Well just wanted to touch base! Take care and there will be more later!


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  1. Welcome back home. It has been hot as blazes around here, too. I'll be glad when this heat breaks and we can stop sweating! And, I'm glad to hear your relatives are planning a happy get together. Those are always really nice. Lane


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