Friday, August 27, 2010


Although I don't blog for comments--it is always nice to get some!!! I got two nice comments about my latest quilting project and it gave me such a rush----a rush to complete the project. We all quilt for our own pleasure I know and honestly, even if no one made a comment about my projects, I would still quilt---but when someone notices---well, it pushes me to finish.
After I finished doing some work on the computer, I completed the remainder of the blocks and started putting the quilt together. I have 5 more rows to go before it is complete and I am liking it!!!! It looks like my Grandson :c)---all bright and spontaneous! I have to work at the hospital tomorrow, so I probably will not get a chance to work on it again until Sunday afternoon, but it should be done by next week and ready for quilting.
Thanks for the encouragement! Keep it up---maybe it will push me to complete some of these UFO's :c)
P/S: I just looked at the quilt again and it looks like there are a couple of blocks just "floating". The borders on those are pale green check homespun and a pale blue plaid homespun. Isn't it interesting how some fabrics photograph.


  1. This is a great looking quilt - it is happy and it makes me smile -- happy stitching!

  2. Love the quilt! I still have "your" homespuns in Fla! LOL I agree with the comments - it is a happy looking quilt!

  3. Still Love it. Even talked to R. about it. We both liked this idea. Lane


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