Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I finished "Cammy's Quilt" yesterday!!! It is really a nice quilt (if I may say so myself). Cammerin (who it is for) really likes it as well, and chose the backing (red tie-dyed flannel). This quilt is made totally from fabric I had! including the backing. I am going to use some of my handdyes as well for the binding, so other than the batting, I will not have to purchase anything---my kind of quilt. I plan to load it tomorrow and begin quilting---I think I will do a simple meandering---it is so busy, anything fancy will be "lost" I think. The next picture I post will be of a completed quilt! Thanks again for the encouragement!!!


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  1. It's really a fun quilt! Congrats on the completing the top!


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