Friday, August 13, 2010

My Sewing Space!!!!

My two featherweights---(love these machines) stored under the longarm table with various bins of scraps, and UFO's.
Looking out of my studio from the bay window toward the hall leading into the kitchen...notice the door I can close any time I want :c)

Bins filled with rulers, pre-cuts, thread, handdyes, etc. To the side, just out of the picture is magazines, and batting scraps (don't know why I can't throw those away).

Stand along shelfing filled with my radio, baskets of panto's, patterns, fabric, UFO's, bags, etc.

My sewing table--- up toward the ceiling is my television and DVD player so I can "watch" tv or video's as I quilt.

What do you think of my quilting studio? Does it look like I could be on an episode of "Horders"? This was once a formal dining room, but who uses a dining room these days--certainly not us--so I put it to good use. When I first moved in I felt like I had oodles of space. Now I am not so sure. It does look a bit unorganized, but I am about to begin another project and I am going to clean and get it in order. I really need more storage space, but I am afraid to really put things on the wall for fear it will fall down and make a hole in the I use lots of floor space for storage.
As you can see I have numerous sewing machines. One (the Brother) I piece on; the Viking is reserved for special piecing--ie: sewing on piping, fancy stitching, etc.; a embroidery machine for making labels, etc.. I also have a serger and a machine for doing blind heming left over from my garment sewing days. The first picture is of my two Featherweights that I use when I take classes or when the Guild has sewing days; and then of course there is Olivia, my longarm.
I once felt bad about the chaos, but there are doors that I can close, no one gains admittance unless they too are quilters, or close friends/family members so the unorganization doesn't bother them. It is my space and although it may be a put off to some, this is where my creative juices flow freely.
I just need to gather them up from the floor every now and then.


  1. I love to see a well used quilting space. Yours looks busy and full of the things we all love. Lane

  2. I miss seeing this! It is always inspiring when I can rummage through your quilting space!! It's like looking for the golden needle and finding other gold in its place.


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