Friday, October 22, 2010

Trying to Learn A New Skill!

I am a regular reader of Mary's blog and Judy's Blog (see the sidebar). For some reason, every time I read that they are trying something new (or for that matter anyone), I always want to try it to, particularly if it involves buying a new gadget. Well, as you might remember, I started knitting socks (again!). Since I am self-taught, it takes me longer to finish one, not to mention two. I also knit on four needles and have unfortunately, the "one sock curse"---you finish one sock, but lose interest in the second one. I think I lose interest since I always forget to keep track of the number of rows and so it is always such a chore to measure all the time to get the socks the same size. Given all this, I read about the two aformentioned ladies knitting on a circular needle allowing you to knit two socks at the same time. I purchased the books (one for toe down and top down) and went to Joanne's to get a needle. First I couldn't find the 40 inch needle the books recommended. The 48 inch was just too long, so I got the 29 inch. I have cast on the stitches about 5 times and can't seem to get past knitting the first row on the first half of the first sock. I am getting very "strung out" and a headache----so I am going to put this down for now and do some more investigating. Boy when I go to the nursing home, there are going to be LOTS of stuff for a really nice garage sale!



  1. Hang in there with the sock knitting - the first couple of rows are the toughest but then it gets better. I love doing socks on circulars. I use the Magic Loop method and only do one at a time but it works for me. If you are looking for nice circulars at a good price try - they send them out quickly. Happy stitching!

  2. Carol was right... is the BEST for reasonable yarn and needles. I love them! Keep at it, and in no time your socks will take shape.


  3. Hey, Patricia. I haven't heard of knitting socks like that. I'll have to look into it. I love to knit socks in summer because they are so small and lightweight and don't cover my lap. And, they're warm for the winter! Lane


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