Thursday, October 7, 2010

Catching Up!

The weather has gotten colder and so the sweater's have had to come out, including Coal's sweater. Doesn't he look "handsome"? He is such a "honey-bunny"!!!!! In looking at this picture---I think I need a new floor! I hate the dark grout--makes the floor look dirty---but then I digress.

This is the shopping area in the hotel where we stayed in Las Vegas. Isn't it beautiful! The ceiling is like the sky and it changes colors like times of the day. This was either early morning or early evening. The shops were great----and there was a canal that ran through the shopping area. I don't particularly like small boats, so we didn't ride in one, but the gondolas were "driven" by men who say opera----

I have finally finished all the blocks for "Peaches and Berries" ( I may change to name to "orange and purple all over")and I am now putting it together. I added some beige's to give it a little variety and tried to make it scrappy with different oranges, and plums. All of the fabric, except for the beige and white was hand dyed. It is a real task to try to lay out these blocks so I don't have to match a lot of seams. I am not going to add a border but instead put a "faux" piping binding on instead. The challenge will be to find pieces of hand dyes that are large enough and of the same color to accomplish this. I may end up either dyeing more (before it gets too cool) or maybe I will just do a scrappy binding and forgo the piping. I like the piping though because I can put it all on by machine and it looks really nice.
I spent the day cleaning house---boy I am getting old because in 5 hours I only finished the kitchen, den, guest bathroom and our bedroom. In the "olden" days I would have finished the entire house. Oh well, hopefully, I will clean our bathroom tonight while I am watching TV and finish up on Saturday. Hopefully I can keep the areas I have cleaned, clean.
Well, I am going to relax a little---my knee hurts! xoxo


  1. Coal looks so cute in that sweater. Love the peaches and berries quilt. It's come along very nicely. Lane

  2. Good to see you "back"! Missed your posts! Coal is just too handsome in his sweater. And even though I'm not an orange/peachy person, I love the quilt as always!


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