Monday, October 25, 2010

Mystery Day!


On Saturday, our Guild had it's annual mystery day. The quilt above is the result. The block is called "mystery block". I used shades of green and purple (my hand dyes) and a grey for the background. I am going to add 3 more borders---a grey one (to float the pattern); a 2 inch green, and a 8 inch purple. Since I am using hand dyes, the green and purple borders will be scrappy, but I think it will look nice. As soon as I get them on I will post another picture. They is a lot of spaces for fancy quilting, but since that isn't my strong suit, I am going to use a busy panto (in grey so it doesn't compete with the quilt pattern.
I also finished quilting Diane's first quilt she sent me and have the second one on the frame now. I am using a panto for the second one and am nervous, since I really want it to turn out nice. So far though, it is looking pretty good.

Just wanted to check in-----I will keep you posted on the progress of the quilts. Have a great evening!

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  1. Love the "mystery" quilt! Great pattern - and you are right, there is alot of good quilting space available on that one. That's why I'd like to make an Irish Chain - not that I'll get it quilted soon! :-)
    Can't believe you have one of the quilts already done! Can't wait to see them!
    hugs, Diane


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