Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey from Vegas!

I have been very busy and just got a chance to check in---even though it is at the end of the trip since I go home today. The conference has been great! Lots of good information and lots of goodies from the vendors (I am going home with three new totes full of pins, brochures, etc.) I even had some luck on the penny machines---about $7 in winnings :c) It is interesting how things have changed here. When my DH and I were last here about 7 or 8 years ago, you couldn't find penny machines in the hotels on the strip---the few they had were in the corner and seldom used. Now penny machines are everywhere and seem to be the most popular. Of course you can go as high as a quarter, but in my unofficial research, most people were playing penny's. The weather has been very hot 103 degrees when we got here but there is a small "cool down" expected today to 101. No quilt shops around here, but I found a call for nurse quilters on the bulletin board. A person is writing a paper on nurses who quilt, so of course I am going to contact her!

Just wanted to check in---I am a bit homesick and will be glad to get home tonight. The trip down was sorta trying---6 hours with nothing to eat but peanuts! This time DH and I have a short layover in Denver, so we will definitely get something else to eat.

"See" you later!

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  1. Glad to hear your conference wasn't one of the boring kind! You said you won a few $ on the machines, what about DH??!! LOL Have a safe trip home.


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