Monday, September 6, 2010

Family Day/Labor Day!

Today was such a nice day! My son grilled steaks/chicken and a pork chop for me and did an excellent job!!!! I sometimes have to laugh when I think of him as a little boy! He was always hanging around the kitchen watching me cook. I told him he needed to learn to cook so he wouldn't always have to depend on some poor girl to cook for him, plus he might want to help out his wife every now and then. He is a pretty good cook---really likes to create dishes that usually taste pretty good. His wife is a good cook as well, but I am sure she enjoys the help every now and then. Anyway, he did the grilling, my daughter (who has NEVER cooked anything really in her life) made the potato salad, and it wasn't bad. She said that cooking it was very "stressful". She kept worrying about it, even standing over the potatoes as they cooked--:-) She has said she wants to make a pie at Christmas---umm--I will have to think about that :-). My son purchased a red velvet cake that was horrible so I made one. It didn't look so good (it was sorta lopsided---I am layer cake challenged), but it was yummy! He didn't realize that a red velvet cake is really a chocolate cake with red food coloring :-)

After dinner, I dyed 48 quilt squares (I tie dyed each one--different colors). I saw this quilt in some magazine--I think it is from Japan---and love it! My colors are much brighter, but I am anxious to see how it will turn out (sure hope each of these little squares dyes well).

I squared up "Cammy's Quilt" and am going to put on the binding with faux piping. A member of an internet group that I belong to shared a neat way of putting on a binding with the piping. It is all put on by machine, so I am anxious to try it and see how it goes. I was going to try on a baby quilt first, but I am going to go ahead and take the plunge and start with a big quilt.

Well, that was my day in a "nut shell". I am now tired and sleepy, but have to wash a load of clothes before settling in for the night! Have a great evening ---

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  1. BBQ sounds yummy! I'm anxious to hear how the faux binding worked out. Especially for a quilt that I don't won't to hand stitch it down.
    I'd like to see the quilt you were talking about with the tie-dyed blocks. Can't wait!


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