Friday, September 10, 2010

A Gift!

I belong to two quilting guilds and one is having a meeting tomorrow. The first hour or so of the meeting is business, then some sort of program, and then we sew. The meeting is in a church education area and it is a long walk from the parking garage to the meeting space. When I went to the last meeting, I thought my arms would break! I had so much stuff and not enough arms. Anyway, I was complaining to my DH and see what he bought me! It is used to carry mechanic tools so they are sturdy--the bottom one has my featherweight; a box that contains extra needles, scissors, my rotary cutter etc.; a ruler; a extension cord/surge protector; my iron and the pillow for my chair. The little bag has the pieces of the quilt I am going to work on, and more scissors. There are pockets inside and outside so if I wanted to I could carry much more. All I will need to carry in my arms is my quilt for Show n' Tell and my pressing board. Isn't he a "honey bunny"!!!!


  1. I love it!! Tell DH we need to go to that store next time I come for a visit.

  2. Way cool tool! Mine isn't nearly so nice and it is as sturdy as a toothpick. I really need to invest in something nicer. Lane


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