Thursday, September 9, 2010


You have probably "heard" me mentioning that I absolutely HATE sewing down binding!!!!! While some quilters actually relish this part (it means they have completed a quilt), I find it tedious and not very stimulating at all. It usually takes me forever to finish and I even have trouble wearing a thimble (it makes my hand numb) I am generally not happy while doing it. I have two quilts now that have been completed for weeks, but they are still waiting for me because the binding has to be sewn down. I have tried to do it by machine, but honestly it really didn't look very nice and I do like nice looking finished quilts---I just don't like to finish them.
Anyway, I mentioned in my last post that a member of one of the on-line groups I belong to gave a link to a way to machine bind a quilt using a faux piping. It does take more steps than the usual binding, but I tried it and from the pictures you can see it is really nice (I posted large size pictures so you can see it a little better). It wasn't hard at all, and finished nicely. You have to be careful in sewing it down, because you are sewing in the ditch, but all in all it looked pretty good for my first time. I will have to work on the corners, but this quilt is for Cammerin who thinks everything his Mia (his name for me) quilts is wonderful :c) --- so he didn't notice nor care that in the corner the "piping" doesn't quite line up. I also think the quilt turned out really nice as well. It is a good mix of plaids and brights! I think I will make some pillowcases to match and probably redo the curtains in Cammerin's room as well. The backing if bright red and really blends in with the quilt. My tension was wonderful!---all is well with the world :c) I will certainly use this techniques to bind more quilts, at least the ones that are more utility than most. I still like the look of the "real" piping, and hand sewn binding---I will just save that technique for special quilts. The instructions can be found at in the July 5, 2010 post.
Now that I have finished this one, I think I will work on the Berries and Cream that has been a WIP for quite a few months! I have enough blocks for 3 or 4 rows so it is half finished. Hopefully it will not take me too much longer.
Well, I think I will watch a little television before going to bed---I have to go to work tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by---"see you later", have a great remainder of the evening and a great tomorrow!

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  1. As usual you did a fantastic job! I know Cammerin is tickled with it. Mmmm, maybe I need to do one since I have the plaids & some of your hand-dyes!! :-)


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