Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fond Memories!

I was reading "That Man Quilt's" Blog---see my sidebar. He writes beautifully and I always enjoy reading his posts. He wrote about a favorite memory on Wednesday, and I started thinking about a pleasant memory I had of a "way back event". My thoughts came to my mother. She died when I was 14 but I have nothing but fond memories about her. She really was a woman "before her time"---very modern in thought and actions. She never worked, but would have made a wonderful executive. She always wanted us to have experiences that in our little town in Oklahoma, was unusual. She spent quality time with us before that concept became "in vogue" and I can never remember coming home from school and not finding her waiting for me with a hug, "tell me about your day", and a snack to eat as I watched the "Micky Mouse Show". She made me feel that I could attain anything, as long as I was willing to work hard.

Anyway---we use to go for hikes. On Saturday mornings (my father was at work), after she finished her morning chores, we would pack a lunch (pressed ham sandwiches; chips; an apple) and head out on a hike. Because we lived in a "sorta" rural community, you didn't have to go far to come to some "woods". We would start out going down Johnson Street (where we lived) and soon we were walking down a road without houses. She would tell my brother and I stories about her growing up and along the way, tell us about the different flowers and trees we passed along the way. Soon we would come to the "perfect" spot, where we would stop and eat our lunch, again listening her tell us about her childhood or some other important event. I thought she was the wisest woman in the world---no one had lived the life she had. Soon we would turn around and start back home so she could "put on dinner" in preparation for my Dad coming home from work. As an adult, I know now that we probably only walked about 7 blocks, but it seemed like miles! To this day, when I eat a bag of Lay's chips I think about my mother. How I wish I could take another "hike" with her and listen to her stories.

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  1. What a beautiful memory. And, while it may have only been blocks at a time, it sounds like it was miles through time and history and happiness when it's all collected together. Thanks for sharing. Lane


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