Sunday, November 28, 2010


As the person in the family designated as the primary cook, I spent Thanksgiving cooking (as I am sure other "designated cooks" did). Every year I complain, but I want to continue the tradition of a homecooked meal. When I am cooking for a holiday, I make NOTHING from a mix, unless it is gravy---can't do gravy. This year though, I wanted us to eat early because my daughter, my DIL, a friend and her daughter and me were going to leave to do Thanksgiving shopping at 10 PM. I needed to get a little rest, so the plan was to eat early and then go to bed around 5PM. To accomplish this I needed to start cooking at 5AM, which I did. Everything turned out pretty good (I am a good cook, just don't really like to do it---would rather be quilting). We ate around 1 PM after our two oldest grandbabies got here.
Now for the shopping trip----it was cold and raining--yuk! As planned we met here and started out getting to our first stop Walmart, at 10:30. The store was already full! We had two electronic on our list---the $148 laptop (for my oldest granddaughter) and a DS (for my friend's granddaughter). My daughter got in line for the laptop and I in line for the DS. Now we were prepared for a long wait---since although you could purchase other things at 12 midnight, the electronics couldn't be purchased until 5 AM. I had my DS with me and a chair so I could sit. After we got there though the store had decided to give out wrist bands to those in line at 2 AM and then you could leave and come back at 5 AM to get the merchandise (a very good idea). All went well in the DS line--in fact they passed the bands out at 12 midnight (120 bands to the first 120 people in line) , but in the computer line, some guy named Q passed out too many bands for the number of computers (there were only 33 computers and he passed out twice the number). To stop the mounting anger of those in line with bands who clearly weren't going to get a computer, the company said they would honor their commitment and give rainchecks to people who didn't get one. Then some manager said that Walmart didn't give rainchecks and to stay in line---this went back and forth, but my daughter wasn't going anywhere. Anyway to make a long story short, we kept our place in line. My DIL stayed for the first hour while we left and did some shopping at another mall and then we all came back, taking turns standing in line while the other went about shopping for stuff on their list. We GOT the computer!
My birthday is coming up and I got myself a gift.......Sony Reader Pocket Edition. It was $98! compared to a higher price of $200 (I think). I am liking it. Now my husband is researching the Kindle (he always does that---get a better product---he doesn't know he will end up with a pink reader--LOL). I loaded some free books and purchased a Grisham novel. I love to read and love gadgets so this is perfect! I purchased the cover so it looks more like a book!
Now on the quilting front, my longarm is sick. The switch went out! You are suppose to be able to buy replacements at Radio Shack but we weren't able to find them so I had to order on line. Hopefully it will be here in week and I can get back to quilting.
Well, I think I am updated! Hope your holiday was a great one!

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  1. Can't do that kind of shopping, but I did find myself excited by your tale. I was on edge, wondering if you'd get items after waiting in line that long. Your reader looks fun. I haven't asked for one yet, but hope one might be in my stocking this year. Lane


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