Monday, December 6, 2010

What Have I Been Up To Lately?

I have been alternately between working in a frenzy (starting a new quilt) to being so lethargic, all I can do is move from bed to sofa---there is a name for that, but I call it tired! To try to get my juices flowing again, I found a new quilt shoppe and went in to browse. I had seen the "Farmer's Market" line of fabs that are fruits and veggies and had thought about making a "New York Beauty" out of them---something different you know. Anyway, I purchased 15 FQ's and decided I needed something that was fast and "non-traditional" to take my mind off of things I should be completing. The fastest quilt I could think of was the "Turning Twenty" so that is what I made. The size I chose called for 16 FQ's which I didn't have, so I mixed in a green polka-dot. I think it looks pretty good----I am going to border it in the same green polka-dot and back it in a flannel that I have (red hot peppers). I think it will be a fun quilt to have in the upstairs den to snuggle in while watching television.
The other picture is of the quilt I am completing the quilting on. I am having "issues" with skipped stitches. I have re-timed the machine, changed needles, loosen the tension, etc. and although it is better, I am still getting skipped stitches. I am just going to plow on, going back to fill in and when I get an opportunity, have the dealer to come by and service the machine. Anyway, I am using a panto and although I would have like the thread to be not quite as dark, I think it is looking okay. My panto following is getting much better!!!! The is the quilt that was the Guild's "Mystery Day". It is my hand dyes (except for the grey) and is a scrappy purple and green.
School is coming to a close---I give my final tomorrow and then I will be out until Jan. 5. I intend to get some much needed rest. I am really tired, in body and spirit, so I am going to work really hard to rejuvenate myself!
Well, gotta go and do a bit of cleaning and washing before I get back to quilting. Take care and "see you soon".

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  1. Hang in there Patricia. Stay warm and rest. Have a cup of lemon tea for me. Love the veggies and hate skipped stitches! Lane


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