Monday, December 13, 2010

UFO Challenge

I have decided to join Judy's UFO Challenge. Like everyone else I have UFO's but unfortunately, I keep adding to the list rather than making it smaller. I really want to get to the point through where when I start a quilt I work only on that one to finish it. The goal of the challenge is to finish a UFO a month. Hopefully I will not find myself finishing my UFO's but adding multiple quilts to the 2012 list. My UFO list for 2011 is:
  1. Apple Core Quilt
  2. Paintbox Quilt
  3. Depression Block Quilt
  4. House block scrap quilt (just started)
  5. Hand-dyed center block quilt (oriental fabric framing)
  6. Batik Quilt (only needs the binding)
  7. Snowball quilt (only needs the binding)
  8. String Quilt (made as a tube and then cut into a block).
  9. Drunkard's Path

This is all I can think of right now. There is one other one but it is so old---about 7 years old and at this time, I am not even sure if I want to really finish it, plus I lost the directions so......... As you can see I haven't named the quilts yet so the names are descriptive only, hence string quilt that is made as a tube.

Let's see how I do. It sounds like fun though, but that quilt I started 7 years ago sounded like fun too.


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  1. I think you'll enjoy your finishes. I had the goal of finishing WIP's this year and while I didn't finish them all, and I did start three new skill builder projects, I did finish a lot of quilts. Good luck. Having a goal is the best way to start. Lane


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