Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Am I Working On??

This is actually on my UFO list, but since I have completed two quilts, I thought I would work on this rather than start another new quilt.

If I make this quilt again, I will make sure the center blocks are over-size when I dye them. What I did was cut them the correct size, dye them and then when I washed the dye out many of them frayed. This then made some of the blocks slightly smaller. I think what I will do is to add strips of the bordering fabrics to make up the size. Some of the blocks will be "odd" but I think that will add to the quilts quirky personality. I am really working on my spontaneity. In the old days if the quilter ran out of one fabric, she would just substitute another one, maybe one that looked like the original, or even of a totally different color. When you see quilts like that, the makers creative adventure is highlighted, proofed by the "quirky" block. This quilt will have quite a few "quirky" blocks :c). Even with that, I am liking this quilt. I have two rows together and have 6 more to go. Of course I am making it bigger---remember, I don't do "small" much.

I am using a denim for the sashing and border. Not the jean type, but a lighter, more apparel weight denim that I just happened upon at Joanne's. It is working pretty good. I now just have to go up into my stash and see if I can find an appropriate backing. A blue and white batik would work great, but I don't have any so I will have to improvise.

Have a great day. BTW--Butch didn't call me back yesterday. I will give him until about 12 and then I will call him. I must have Harriett up and running!

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