Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Harriet is Sick!!!!

Harriet is the name of my long arm.. I have had problems with this machine since day one----I have never been able to really just thread it and start quilting. Something was always wrong---bad tension the most common problem, broken needles caused by some broken part. The dealer I purchased it from turned out to not be a very nice person and initially I called Gammill to complain and told them to take the machine back. Anyway, to make a long story short, I saved a long time for this machine and decided to go ahead and be a grown-up and deal with the issues. I have a small fortune tied up in tension gauges and finally found a thread she likes---the cheapest serger thread, and have been getting along fairly well. Then suddenly I started getting skipped stitches. I posted on the Yahoo group and got some good advice----I decided to "time" this honey-bunny. I thought I did a good job---but the problem continued. I purchased a video---$54 that was recommended and although I wish he would speak a little faster gives some good instructions with pictures (which helps me). Anyway, I called my son who just graduated from school and is a mechanic (don't know why I thought this would make him more likely to be able to fix my machine) and got him to help me unscrew screws. We worked on poor Harriet for over 2 hours and all we accomplished was getting the screwdriver slammed into my finger---the problem became worst. My son and daughter said they would pay for the repairman to come so "PLEASE Mommie, call the expert!!!" My husband just sorta looked over my shoulder directing (he had looked at the video too but said he wasn't touching that "machine and getting blamed for anything"). I followed their advice and called the repairman, Butch, and he is going to call me back tonight after he talks with his wife to see what she has planned for him next week but he thinks he will be able to come on Monday or Tuesday. I really hope so-----how I wish there was a local repairman---Butch is having to come from Alabama! I am not going to talk very much, since he is charging by the hour, and hope whatever it is, he can fix it really fast. He did make me feel better by saying it was a "art" to time the machine---wish someone had mentioned that in the video.


  1. So sorry Harriet is not behaving!! Sometimes skipped stitches can be solved by using a larger needle. But I am assuming since you have checked with the yahoo group you have already tried that.

    The first time I had to re-time my machine I loosened the screws and the whole hook assembly swung around to the bottom, before I had a good look at how it was SUPPOSED to fit back in there. Rick Taylor's video saved me. After a while you get used to ripping into the guts of these Gammills. I don't think twice about adjusting all kinds of things, but I am rather adventurous.

    Hope the expert can get you up and going again soon... It is really a bummer when our "babies" are sick!


  2. Oh, my. How I would love to walk up to a machine and sew. But, everything seems to need adjusting. I've found it easier to keep multiple machines out and ready. Hey, what if you had a barn with long arms all lined up, each with a different thread, ready to load and go! Wow, I really am dreaming of sugarplums. Lane


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