Thursday, December 30, 2010

Late Christmas Gift (AKA My DH really was listening)!

I love baking bread, but unlike Judy I really don't necessarily like to do it all "by hand". I make delicious rolls by hand, but when it comes to loaf bread----I just don't like all the kneading, etc. Anyway, I asked for a bread maker years ago when they first came out and my DH bought me one for Christmas---that was probably 17 years ago (or more). The poor thing finally pooped. It stopped getting hot enough and the bread really didn't rise. I was reading Subee's blog where she discussed her new bread maker and the awesome loaves of bread it made. I mentioned it to DH and really didn't think he was paying attention. I really should have known better because it was a "throw away" conversation that got me my long arm; my GO! and my Pandora bracelets---so I should realize he really is paying attention. Anyway, we went out to lunch today and when we got back this very large box was sitting on the side of the house. When we brought it in, what should be in there but the bread maker!!!! The exact one I wanted!!!! I couldn't wait to use it of course, so a plain loaf of white bread is being made as we speak. I used the recipe that came with the machine and it seemed like an awful lot of milk (1.5 cups plus 2 T) but I followed the direction closely. I then read the directions that said the milk should be heated slightly, which I didn't do, but hopefully everything will come out okay. Isn't my Honey Bunny a nice guy (when he wants to be)! Fresh bread is ahead for sure---and I wanted to lose weight!

On a quilty subject, I was looking over the list of quilts I have finished this year and I have been pretty productive. 17 quilts, not counting the one that I only put a binding on---and these are really finished----quilted and bound (although Asian Indigo is still being quilted). Since I have joined Judy's UFO Challenge, I should complete at least 12 next year! Pretty good huh!

Now for some New Year's Resolutions!

My quilty one is to straighten up my sewing room (studio) by:

  • Going through my scrap bin and getting rid of all those tiny pieces of fabric, and cutting the larger pieces into triangles/squares/strips---and then putting those in separate easily accessed bins.
  • Cutting up my various FQ's that I either received as gifts, or purchased for no apparent reason, into the same usable pieces as mentioned above.
  • Review all my magazines and tear out the patterns that I will eventually make (maybe) and throw the rest out.
  • Go through the large garbage bag of batting pieces and piece the bigger ones together to use in utility quilts and get rid of the pieces that are unusable (maybe I will check with the Vet and see if they could use some little pet pillows. I could get rid of some yuk fabric as well as the leftover batting scraps).

Well, everything sounds doable. Hopefully this will be accomplished, along with my UFO's.

Hugs and I'll keep you posted on the progress of the bread!



  1. WOW! I am drooling thinking about fresh bread!

    Your plans sound good... I need to incorporate all of those into my life also. My sewing room is a DISASTER!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New year! Sounds like your honey bunny was paying attention! :) Great surprise!

    Happy sewing!


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