Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Latest Update(s)!

This year I decided to have two Christmas trees. Joanne's had a 90% on trees last summer and I got the one above for $7. It is unlit and I thought would be perfect for a "Grand babies Tree". I was correct! We made decorations, I got some balls from the $1 store and we put candy canes on. I also got a bag of ice sickles (some call them tinsel) and the kids were responsible for doing it all themselves. That one bag of sickles had enough to cover every tree in TN I think, but the kids enjoyed it. There tree topper is a Santa!

I treated myself to a new GO! die! This is the diamond die. I really think this will be a great die to use to make a dent in my scrap bin. It was only $19 and so I figured it was worth buying. I now have almost all the current dies that I would use. Now to get to using them---one of my NY's resolutions.

Harriet is feeling much better! Butch came to fix her and I really did hit the Jackpot. He is a quilter himself and knows the little special things of a good stitch. He also shared with me his little tricks for getting good tension., and didn't mind my husband looking over his shoulder as he timed the machine. I have to honestly say I don't think I got a stitch this good when the machine was brand new. Unfortunately I have added something else to my "wish list"----edge rider wheels. My wheels are a little wobbly---and I would love some new ones. The edge rider's are $90 though so I will have to save a bit. Butch showed my husband how to install them so maybe for "Valentine's Day"???????
The above picture is my attempt to show you the stitch quality--since my machine is hand guided, there is no other way for me to get a good stitch except me and therefore tension is very important. This is "Bountiful" I am quilting. Still looks weird to me, but I had the perfect backing---a flannel with hot peppers. I got about 8 or 9 yards of this five years ago when the Joanne's that was close to me was closing. Just goes to show that if you are careful about what you purchase, staying true to your basic likes....who would have thought I would make a weird quilt that was perfect for the weird backing. Guess I am just weird :c) or maybe "quirky" is a better word.
Well, I am going to go back down now and work on the quilt and then put the borders on another and add it to my completed list....then start to prepare for Saturday. I have to work the first 6 hours of my 12 so I will need to essentially do most of my cooking on Friday.
Have a great day and "talk" to you later!!!!

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  1. So glad the repairman got things going for you again. I still like that Bountiful quilt. Just so "foodie" and this season is all about the food. Love the grand kid's tree, too. It's the simple stuff kids don't learn about. Lane


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