Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why did I make a quilt using fruits and veggies?

I am almost finished with my "Bountiful" quilt, and although I did a pretty good job---why would I make a quilt out of fruit and veggie fabrics? At the time it seemed novel, and maybe a fun quilt, but as I look at it it just seems strange. That tells you the type of mood I have been in lately. Anyway, I am going to finish it (of course) and who knows, my grand babies might think it would be fantastic to nap under. If not, this might be one I give to someone---not to a charity---but something like this needs a specific person in mind.

My week-end was a nice quiet one. I belong to two guilds, and one had their Christmas Party yesterday. There was lots good food, laughter and just enjoying being together. It rained and by the time the party ended, about 2PM, the temperature was falling. It has continued to fall and now it is snowing. School has been canceled and given that, my other Guild's Party is as well. Don't know when it will be rescheduled but at this one I was going to find out who my "Secret Sister" was. Well, that will have to wait.

No real news---so I will go back into my sewing room and tidy a bit---I have been in the scrap bins and fabric is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!


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  1. Fun times. Sorry to hear about the fruits and veggies. I've seen a couple of those and they seem like such a good idea, but I can see where it might get wierd while you're working on it. I know what you mean about the stash getting out. I had to stop and put mine away this weekend, too. Take care. Lane


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