Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Great Christmas!!!!

This was another great Christmas!!!! Christmas gifts are all about the Grand babies---and did they ever have a great time. By the time I got home Christmas evening, they could hardly contain themselves! It was an effort for them to wait for me to get my coat off and then it was gift opening for all!!!! It did snow and although the weather"person" was correct from that perspective, they were in error (thank goodness) in that we didn't get the amount they predicted! It snowed all day, but hardly any really accumulated.

I was able to finish quilting "Bountiful" and completed the quilt top for "Asian Indigo". I am going to finish the binding on Bountiful before I start quilting it though. I am working really hard to relax this holiday---I so often end up more fatigued than I was when I began it. Hope your Holiday was a great one as well!!!!

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  1. Yeah!! Glad to know you didn't get as much snow as they predicted--thought of you driving in it. Yuckey!! My GKs still haven't calmed down from Christmas, then yesterday. So much fun!
    Oh, and I love both of the quilts--even though I still have to say "What were you thinking on one of them!" ROFL
    Love & hugs, Di


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