Friday, December 17, 2010

My UFO 2011 List

Okay---here is my "formal" 2011 list that I will be working from as part of the Judy Challenge (I don't have pictures, but will post them as I finish):
  1. The scrappy house quilt
  2. Batik strings (just needs a binding)
  3. The star quilt (just needs a binding)
  4. "Sewing Green" Drunkard's Path" (from old shirts)
  5. "Traditional" string quilt
  6. "Non-traditional" string quilt (tube first)
  7. Paint box quilt
  8. Red and White Log Cabin
  9. Scrap Depression Block Quilt
  10. Apple Core Quilt

I honestly can't think of 12 UFO's, so I am adding 3 quilts that I have been wanting to make and haven't yet:

  1. (10) Half Log Cabin
  2. (11) Scrap Flannel
  3. (12) Zig Zag Quilt

I have one quilt that is a 10 year UFO---but I honestly am not sure I even want to finish it. I don't have the directions anymore----so I am going to think about that one. I guess I am setting myself up for a success by not adding it, since I don't even like it anymore. Hope that isn't cheating---I might add it later.

Well here is my list----let's hope I am not only successful in completing the list, but that I can link. Click on the badge on the right and see what you need to do to join! Please do---it will be fun!



  1. I had a hard time coming up with 12 UFOs also so added two projects that I recently finished the top so they have only beeen UFOs for a matter of weeks.

  2. Patricia, I wish I had your problem - I'm sure my list would be close to a hundred if not over. But then I'm been quilting since 1991 - LOL.

  3. Wow! I wish I couldn't think of 12 UFOs. I had to slim it down to twelve.


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