Sunday, November 14, 2010


In an earlier post I think I might have mentioned my latest dyeing experiment. In a quilting magazine from France there was a quilt pictured that had dyed center squares with oriental fabric framing it (in a log cabin style). The sashing was a navy cotton that reminded me of the antique Japanese work clothing I've seen on exhibit. Anyway, the center was dyed by wrapping the material around corks. My husband is a wine drinker and for some reason started saving corks (he rightfully saves anything that he thinks might be of use to me in either quilting or dyeing). The directions said to wrap 6.5 inch squares around the cork and then dye them. I did that, using rubber bands rather than string. The results are neat--each one slightly different.
I really would have preferred using African prints, but those are difficult to come by in Middle TN, so I used the orients like the original quilt. I am now in the process of putting it together. I am making it bigger (of course) so need to make 64 blocks. One thing I have found I should have done is really make my square larger, since as I was ironing the blocks after dyeing, there was some fraying. I didn't find a cotton I liked so I am using a light denim. I am liking it----I think it will be a really modern, non-traditional quilt. The pictures above show a couple of finished blocks and then what they look like with the denim sashing. Doesn't give you a really good picture, but it is better than it looks!
This is an absolutely beautiful fall day here. The sun is shining so bright and the weather is perfect. I know that pretty soon, dark, grey days of winter will be here. Have a great day!

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  1. Love the center squares! They turned out with wonderful movement of the dye lines. We need to do these when I come! As always you have such a great sense of adventure that I'm envious. I'm the old "tried and true" quilts for sure!


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