Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back From A Too Short Vacation!

Made it back from DC last night after a delay because of bad weather. I love DC because I love history which DC has lots of. I visited several museums including the Museum of American History where I got to see President Obama's wife, Michelle's gown she wore to the Inaugural Ball! Very beautiful---the pictures in the mags didn't do it justice!!!

I got to do some fabric shopping and found this wonderful quilt shop in Maryland where I filled up on African fabrics. There were so many to choose from----definitely this spot is on my itinerary for future visits. The shop owner was wonderful---lots of stories of his time growing up in Ethiopia and when he moved to DC. I came away with 38 yards, but had to use restraint to limit it to that. I also went to another shop I have gone to for years and was so very disappointed. The fabric was very expensive, and the "quilt" section was very small with a poor variety (actually Joanne's has a better choice); the back was filled with "junk" thrown up on a table. The patterns were yellowed and torn and numbered less than 15. Clearly it has gone downhill and where I would usually spend hours browsing and come away with yards and yards, I was finished after about 10 minutes and left with nothing. So sad!

Unfortunately, when I got back home and was unpacking, my fabric (and clothes) were damp and wet in some spots. It looked like the airline had my bags sitting in the rain! I know there isn't anything I can really do about it-----I guess I will have to pack my things in plastic "just in case", which seems "unnecessarily necessary" to me. It looks like the color ran on one piece of fabric a little, but I am not going to obsess about it----I am NOT!

School begins again tomorrow so it will be back to the old grind stone. I so appreciated my little respite though and really am going to figure out a way to fit more in!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Glad you got back ok and had a good time shopping! Also glad you showed some "restraint" on the fabrics!! LOL Great ones BTW!
    School started this past week for us & it was madhouse mayham for sure! Will talk soon,

  2. Sounds like a great end of summer trip. Like you, I am ready for school. I like the structure it brings to our lives. Lane


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