Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Does It Look?

These rows are just laid together with the "blossoms" on top (I haven't even put the centers of the flowers/plates/blossoms on yet). While some quilters will finish all segments of a quilt first and then put it together, I have a hard time doing that. I always want to see how it is going to look. That has often helped me though to figure out what needs to be changed, but most of the time I use it to keep my momentum going.

I am going to add a border to this (I don't do small) so I can use it on my queen-size bed. I am liking it. I am thinking I might put it together in sections, applique the blossoms on each section first and then put the whole thing together. It seems it might be better to handle in my sewing machine.

Now, back to the quilt I am suppose to be working on between wash and cleaning. Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love how this is turning out! Can't wait to see the end results - which I know will be fantastic. should be a show entry, you know!!


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