Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have again been very remiss in my blog postings and I am sorry. Since I don't have pictures I get lazy, but I realize that pictures aren't always necessary, so AGAIN I will attempt to do better.

What have I been up to? Actually a lot---I crossed something off my "Bucket List". I ran in a 5K race!!! Well, not really a race for me or my daughter but we finished it!!!! Not as #1 (of course) but not as LAST either!!!!! It was great fun! and we even ran about half of it. My ankle started to bother me a little so I had to fast walk the remainder (and I was walking as fast as some people were jogging). They had little girls giving water along the way (it is really hard to drink water AND jog at the same time). I even tossed it to the side like the professionals do LOL!!! Anyway, we finished in a decent time (a little over 45 minutes) and I feel like I have accomplished a lot!

On the sewing front---I am putting the "Paint Box Quilt" together now. All the rows have been completed (10 rows of 8) and it looks nice. I am using a linen for the sashing and although I have to be careful of the ravelling, it is a nice contrast with the block fabrics. After I finish I think I will do a simple meandering. I actually really like meandering (or stippling) on quilts. I imagine that once washed, the linen will crinkle nicely so I am going to do the quilting "tight".

Today is a rainy day and although I really should be cleaning----I just don't want to. I am going to try really hard to relax. School begins next week, but my class doesn't start until the following week. I have already started to put my PowerPoint together and even have made up the first test. I am really going to try to stay ahead of the game, even more so than I had before. For some reason I have been feeling stressed and even a bit melancholy, don't know why, but I do know I really don't like it, so I am going to try to take charge. My DIL is a Herbalist, so she has put me on some herbs to help, so once they get here, I will add them to my regime and see how it goes.

Well, I am going to my "very messy" quilting "studio" and see what I can do. The cable is off due to the storm, so I think I will put on a couple of CD's. Have a wonderful, productive and blessed Sunday. "See" you later!

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