Friday, October 14, 2011

The Circle Lord is in the House!!!

It came about 1:00 PM. I had been glued to the window all morning, but finally decided I would go and do a little housework, and it came!!! I guess a "watched pot doesn't boil"

These are the big boards and the three templates I ordered. Such a pretty, bright color.

The actual Circle Lord.

The Circle Lord installed on my table. It wasn't hard at all (maybe since I had been studying for months in preparation for ordering. I had a little difficulty installing the laser light from my machine to the CL stylus, but when I stepped back and let DH help, it went much smoother---I don't have to do everything I guess---LOL.

I got another special delivery as well. Life has been a bit rough of late and I was commiserating with my best ever buddy, Diane. Look at what she sent me to cheer me up a little!!! Such a surprise!!!! She is the best sister ever!!! Thank you Diane, they are beautiful!!!

I am going to watch the video and smell my roses tonight! In the morning I will start to make circles! Wish me luck!!!


  1. Yeah!! It finally got there! How many tries have you made this evening??!! Can't wait to see what you can do -- and to try it myself soon!!
    Flowers are great and I'm so glad they perked you up!!! Flowers tend to do that don't they? I love getting them -- the grandkids sent me some on my birthday this year & I loved them! You are definitely the bestest sister -- just wish you were closer! Hugs to you!

  2. I've never heard of a Circle Lord so I had to google it! It is a template attachment for longarms is what I made out...and from what I saw, some unique patterns from what I've seen previously.


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