Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Use of Tools!

I have to float this top since I am doing a machine trauputo (sp?) with the plates. It is NOT going smoothly, but I am too stubborn to stop---too much work went into this. The back looks horrible, but since I am not entering in a judged show, I am using this exercise as a learning lesson.

The purpose of the post though is to share something I learned from one of my on-line groups. Those black rods are normally used to hold your tools on the wall. They have strong magnets that are useful with iron tools. Well, it was suggested that you could use them to hold your fabric tight when you are floating a top. My top has to be floated to allow me to put the extra batting under the places where I want to get the look of trauputo so I really can't pin the bottom of the top to the leader as I normally do. At first I wasn't sure if the magnets would work through the layers of batting, quilt fabric and leader fabric, but it works really well. The top is held tight enough to not wrinkle. I have three, more than enough to hold the entire top of the queen size quilt. I think I will float more tops. It certainly makes it easier to keep everything straight. I try to load my top on straight, but have to admit, I fail at times. ...BTW..I also can't quilt in a straight line :c(. You should see the quilting around the plates and between the sections----BAD!!!!!

Just wanted to share---I hate this top, the quilting is so yuk! but----I am going to finish it!!!! It will probably end up as one of my favs---:c)----at any rate I can say that I have tried applique!

Have a great day!


  1. Did you know if you clicked on your pictures they would get larger??!! I found something new -- at least to me!
    Just thought you might be interested in that little tidbit of info...oh, and you have my address to send the quilt when you get done! I like it. Can't wait to see a full view of it to see what all the plates look like.
    Hugs, Diane

  2. The design is fantastic and oh so contemporary...reminds me of the exhibit the quilt museum in Paducah sponsors on new twist to traditional blocks.


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