Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have been practicing away trying to become competent in the use of my latest quilting tool. All day Saturday, I "doodled"--making plain circles, fancy medallions, etc. on a muslin sandwich. I decided to load a quilt (I have a problem practicing on scrap stuff---always feel like it is a waste of time and material), I had finished weeks ago and quilted it using the Swirl Big Board. I used matching thread and although the plain backing shows mistakes, it also shows the texture nicely. My tension cooperated and although there are some areas where I clearly "messed up", it still looks nice for a first try. It is for a Granddaughter and she will forgive the little errors. I am going to quilt a baby quilt next and use concentric circles....then I am going to take the plunge and quilt my Guild challenge. After looking on-line at quilts made by prize winning quilters, they are not perfect. That is what makes them handmade. At any rate---the learning curve appears manageable and I am going to embrace the little errors and consider them unique and design opportunities!


  1. Great outlook on errors. But, I've gotta tell you. I don't see them. GREAT quilt top. Lane

  2. Love how the hexes turned out! Just found mine again the other day and start on that one.
    I agree with Lane--I don't see any errors! You are too hard on yourself girl! The CircleLord really does a great job for you. No stopping you now!


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