Saturday, October 22, 2011


No picture---but I have to tell you, my attempt at "organic" quilting, even with the help of the CL was a dismal failure. The background for the quilt is black/white and the thread didn't show up. I tried to sew over the template twice to make it stand out, but it just looked worst. Of course, Harriet (my machine), decided she didn't want to play anymore and the tension was bad! At any rate, I am now frogging---. Thank goodness, I only made one motif, and since the tension is so bad, I can take it out "fairly" easily. I have removed three "petals" and have 3 more to go.

No more "organic" for me! I think I am going to do my "water" stipple and be done with it. I don't like this quilt now and would love to make another, but I don't have time, so I will push on! Just thinking about it gives me a headache! :c) Even DH who usually likes everything I make turned his nose up at it and said "that one is different", translation "that is pretty bad".

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  1. Uh, oh!! Hate that frog stitching! At least if it wasn't going to go right, it started at the beginning and not toward the end. Now that is when I REALLY would have hated it!! LOL


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