Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Next Quilting Project!

I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS QUILT!!!! The colors are so "brown". Brown is not my favorite color....not personally nor quilty. This quilt was made during a Guild Mystery Day. It is a Judy creation, but hers is much prettier. The turquoise does brighten it a bit, but this is one quilt I think I will gift. Because it will be either a gift or donation, I am doing a good job in quilting it (I think gifts/donations should still be made with quality---as much as I can anyway). What I think is interesting is the backing. It matches perfectly! I didn't buy them together and in fact have had the backing for about a year. I only found it when I was looking in my stash for a back---originally looking for a solid brown flannel I had. This is flannel as well, but the colors are perfect matches. I am quilting it with a slightly goldy-brown thread and using a really busy panto. You really can't see it with the busy fabric, but it gives me a chance to practice. It will also wrinkle nicely when washed. I think after I am finished with this, I will bind this and the other two or three quilts I have and then be totally finished!

Hope all is going well with you. It is cold and rainy here---perfect chili weather!

Take care! xoxo


  1. Now this does not look like one of your quilts!! Are you sure someone didn't switch with you when you weren't looking? Isn't that the good thing about mystery quilts -- you can give them away without guilt if you don't like them?! :-)
    Just saying...I'm with you on this one girl!
    Stay warm -- we are having 70s weather here in sunny Fla! LOL
    Quilty Hugs...

  2. Hi, Patricia. Your quilt top is very reminiscent of a vintage quilt I grew up with. A similar shade of blue and lots of browns. I think it's a great quilt and someone will be very lucky to have it. And, that backing. Don't you just love it when things match up that way? Lane


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