Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Thoughts!

I have been a bit "scattered", but I think I am getting my "mojo" back. Above are the two quilts I am working on. The top is my interpretation of a Kaffe quilt (my fav quilt/fabric designer). It a "sorta" 4-patch, but because of the contrast it looks like crosses. I am going to try to make it using batiks and African fabrics. It is going to take me a while, since I don't have a big collection of African prints and contrast is very important in this type quilt-----but it will be something I can hope to have finished by the end of the year. I will try to update you as I progress. It is like fitting a puzzle together.

The second quilt is one I saw on the Moda site. It is jelly rolls and charm packs. Of course I have to make mine bigger, so I have 110 blocks to make! I have almost all of them done and will start to put it together within the next couple of days. To keep myself going through, I have to put a couple of rows up to see how they look. I think I will give this one to my niece. I made her another, but I think this is more "modern" and suits her better. This is a "new" UFO, so when I finish it, I can make one of those off my list.

I have been reading about all the NY Resolutions on the web. We have to have goals, and I am no different from anyone else. I did pretty good last year in terms of number of quilts completed (19), but I really didn't address all the UFO's I have. I tried to join Judy's challenge, but I could never post my finishes and so I dropped that. My goal I think is to again complete at least half of my UFO's. I don't have a lot of them, maybe 10 at the most, so 5 is not an unreasonable number. I also want to try a new technique....really challenge myself. I HATE applique, don't really like embellishments on my quilts, and don't particularly enjoy making small wall hanging-type quilts. I made a quilt using actually all of those things (although it is a big wall hanging), and my Guild sisters chose it as the challenge winner, so I am going to try that type quilt again this year. Don't know yet what it will look like. I am interested in making a wool or cord quilt, so maybe something like that. Whatever, I plan to do my very best and use the best technique, so hopefully it will be a nice quilt I can be proud of.

I really love scrap quilts and piecing. I think then I will try a Bonnie Hunter quilt. Her quilts have thousands of little pieces in them, and I have made quilts with LOTS of pieces before, so I think I might be up to it now. So my goals I guess are to:
  1. Complete at least 5 UFO's.
  2. Make a Bonnie Hunter quilt.
  3. Make a quilt using techiques I either don't like or haven't tried yet.
  4. Oh yea---make a quilt and use some of these many GO! dies I have still in the wrapper
My list of shows to attend this year:
  1. AQS Paducah
  2. Jacksonville Quiltfest
  3. Gee's Bend Exhibit in Nashville
I also intend to bring my machine quilting up a level---specifically learn to make feathers and above all enjoy doing it all. I am not completing with anyone other than myself. I am also going to give myself permission to not be perfect in what I do---I guess that goes along with enjoying myself.

Random thoughts---nothing that important or earth shattering, but thoughts none the less. Have a wonderful day!


  1. You'll love making a Bonnie Hunter quilt. I recommend the irish chain...easy. Or, the Texas Braid, the one I'm currently working on. So wish I could meet you in Paducah. That would be a fun show. And, I love the blocks you're making, especially the ones from the Batiks and African prints. How does that go togehter? Is it pieced into strips? I'd be afraid I'd get one row just one square off. Take care. Lane

    1. Just plan and come-----It would be fun, shopping---looking---shopping---and eating strawberry shortcake. Diane and I save our pennies and calories all year for this!

  2. Good for you to make a list! You've given me quite a boost to get started in the same direction instead of meandering around like the lost goose. I know the same shows you have listed are the same ones I'm attending (:-) so that part won't be hard to do! My trouble is getting the list of UFO or WIPs together to start working on them!
    Also I need to work on my machine quilting -- along with getting some of the Flimsy Tops out of here!
    Thanks for the push, Sis!!


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