Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Another year has passed with anticipation for another! I don't know about you, but I expect many of you remember (as I do) how long in the future 2000 seemed at one time in our lives. It was hard for me to imagine that---and when I thought about it, it was as if I were reading a sci fi novel. Now here we are in 2012!!! How times flies--whether you are having fun or not.

I have decided that my NY resolution is to enjoy each day to the fullest. Of course I would like to lose some weight (I have decided 10% is better than a specific weight); and of course finish some of these UFO's---but all in all, I just want to stop worrying and anticipating all the time. Just take the day as it comes and try hard to do right by it!

The superstition is whatever you do on the first day of the year will be what you will be doing all year. Well, my house didn't get cleaned as well as I would have liked. It isn't a mess, but still not as pristine as I would have liked; my clothes didn't get washed, and you are NOT suppose to wash on NY day --- it is bad ju-ju! I instead am cooking--have been since 6 AM! so I guess I will be cooking all year--which isn't bad since one of the things I am going to strive toward is eating healthier meals--less take-out---so this makes sense; have a "not pristine" house and lots of dirty clothes all year. I do plan to get a little quilting in though, and although I am itching to begin to spend my gift certificate at Joanne's, tomorrow the sale will still be on--the crowds thinner anyway, so I think I will go then---plus I am too tired :c).

My son just got on the road back to Atlanta and is doing so much better. Lots of home cooked healthy meals, lots of lecture and insulin, and he looks better than he has in a long time. He promises to be back in about 4 weeks, and I intend to call and nag a lot! Thanks everyone (Diane and Lane) for your kind comments!

Well, gotta go surf the net a bit while the blackeyed peas cook! Am having the traditional (for me and mine anyway) meal of "Hopping John" (blackeyed peas and rice), for luck; and greens (for prosperity). Decided to cook another turkey (the meat can be used for other meals) and some dressing (at the request of son #3), and homemade rolls. No dessert though --- did I mention I was tired :c)!

Hugs! and have a wonderful Day #1 of 2012! Thanks for dropping by!

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