Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What A Christmas!!!!!

Those of you who have been reading my blog know I am not really one to share a lot of really personal stuff. I think I am a very private person (although I don't give that impression at times) but after blogging and reading others for a while, I have become a little more comfortable.

Christmas Day was a wonderful one! Grandbabies got almost everything on their list----thank goodness their wishes were moderate. It did however result in a LOT of packages giving the impression that this family along, has significantly helped the economy! Of course there were "wheels" for everyone (the children of course)---bikes for the two little ones, and a scooter for the older one. The two girls got electronics---a IPad (for the college girl) and a Blackberry tablet (for the next older one). I must say, I have a daughter who is the "Shopping Queen"! I wouldn't have believed the deals she got had I not seen the price tags. Also, thank goodness for "layaway". She is now getting ready for next Christmas :c)!

Now, the evening began and things didn't go so well. We were all dancing to the Kinect---Dance 3 and I was beating my daughter when my husband yelled down that our middle son was "sick". He had told my two grandsons he was "sick" and had collapsed. He was complaining of classic cardiac signs---crushing pain in his chest; pain radiating into his jaw; nausea (with later vomiting); and difficulty breathing. I gave him aspirin (EVERYONE should have aspirin in the house) and took his blood pressure which was VERY high with a VERY fast heart rate. 911 was called and he is now on a cardiac floor in the hospital. Oh yes, he is diabetic, and his blood sugar was 583! I had been asking him everyday he was here, how his blood sugar was, trying to watch what he was eating---he claims it was my cranberry sauce (even the doctor had to laugh at that)---although I am sure it didn't help.

Now what is the moral to this story----everyone should really begin the New Year with a evaluation of their entire life and life style. My son is only 42, but had he been alone at home, or worst yet driving back home (he was going to leave yesterday), the outcome could have been much worst. He has a wonderful sense of humor and of course is trying hard to make lite of this, but I will NOT allow him to. My resolution is to not only quilt as much as possible, but to really make some healthy changes in my life. More fresh veggies, more fish and chicken, more well balanced meals all around. I am also going to value my family and my time on this earth. Try really hard to not "sweat the small stuff" and move on! I will "live by example"---when my son gets home from the hospital, I feel sorry for him :c). I am not taking his word for anything---I want to see those blood sugars myself...and I sure hope he likes unsweetened yogurt, blueberries and low fat granola---because that is his breakfast menu! And instead of cranberry sauce I make, I will have raw cranberry and orange chuckney (sp) next year!

Have a blessed and productive day!


  1. Good thing there was a nurse in the house. Sounds like things were going swimmingly...before. Good luck. Kids, ya gotta stay on 'em all the time, don't ya? Lane

  2. Just when you think you think you have them raised, out on their own and you can start to have some fun for yourselves, they come back to stay!! :-)
    He needs to thank his lucky stars he had a mother there that knew what needed to be done. And he needs to listen to her!!
    Give him a hug from Aunt Diane and tell him to listen to the doctors!!
    Hugs to you and DH...

  3. As someone who struggles with on-going health issues (and yes, diabetes is among my issues) I know how fearful it can be and also know how grateful it can make you when there is a clearing for another day, another chance to get it right! Peace, love and soul (channeling Don Cornelius) to you and yours.


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