Friday, December 9, 2011

The Dust is Settling!

The tile in the kitchen! There were TWO floors to come up----a linoleum and the quarry tile!

The original floor we thought was wood but was actually laminate. It was glued to the sub-floor so pulling it up damaged the sub a bit. They still have to remove it from the guest bathroom. Hope my plumbing doesn't get damaged!

You can see the damage from the sub-floor from the glue of the floor. At the door leading outside was this hole! It looks like it was left by the builder. I made my DH put something over it---what if a creature crawled up there! Yuk! DH assured me it was too cold for things to wonder, plus it is under the house and you can walk under it so something would have to really JUMP to get into the hole---yea right----put something over the hole and weigh it down!

See the dust on the black stuff! There is at least a 1 inch layer of dust on everything! I had to use my inhaler and my poor grandson had to stay in his room when he got home from school. BUT I know it will be worth it!

Lastly, I wanted to thank all the nice comments I received yesterday!!!!! I was surprised and so flattered! I had a good day---a bit dusty, but a good day none-the-less. No kitchen, so my birthday dinner was a subway, but I did get those cupcakes!!!! AND a Joanne gift card!!!! :c). The contractor say my quilting room and the quilt on the frame (Rev. Renita---he wanted to buy your quilt!!!!!). We are going to barter for a mosaic back splash for a quilt!!!

Anyway, all is well. They tell me they will be finished by Saturday! I have a LOT of cleaning to do! A new floor though calls for more new stuff---hummm! I MUST visit Home Goods! :c)

Have a great day!

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