Sunday, December 11, 2011


Leading into my quilting "studio"---see the dust on the door!

Leading out to the deck---this was covered in tile and carpet. The kitchen is to the left of this picture.

Looking toward the front door.

I can't put any rugs down for at least six months since the wood is going to darken to a cherry color! I really like it---it opens up the area and makes it so much brighter! I have to go to Lowe's and get new heating/air conditioner registers for the floor and some type of dust mop. We are keeping the grandbabies while parents are working today, so my "cleaning crew" will be much needed. I am going to negotiate for a "Happy Meal" as payment :c) No home cooking today!


  1. I love your new floor! I wish I could convince my DH that getting rid of carpet is a good idea.

  2. Love the floor! This makes me want to get rid of this awful carpet that I have! You will so enjoy not having that tile or carpet to deal with!!


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